Background: The First Aid Cabinet for Artists & Other Wounded Souls started with the basic need of providing first aid supplies to studio renters at the crucible.¬† Though there are a number of wall mounted first aid stations located in the building, they are only in the shared access areas and studio renters cannot access […]

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What if Bacteria parted the land from the waters and made the plants and animals? What if Bacteria intelligently designed the world we know? What if Bacteria form our consciousness? What if our souls are bacterial? What if the bacteria in my mind can communicate with the bacteria in your mind? What if we are […]

Women’s March Resisting Trump 2017 May our disillusionment and distrust bring us together May we be as needles piercing through lies reaching out to one another to mend the fabric of our natiion

I will be collecting sugar stories this Saturday, September 21 3 to 5 at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary in Oakland.  More info here:

Getting Ready for opening tomorrow night at Root Division. Plan on wearing Sugar Coat(ed) and passing out sugar packets. Went collecting today. No shortage of dispensaries. Piedmont Avenue in Oakland hosted many free sugar bars: Posh bagel, La Farine, Peets, gayloard’s, Starbucks, all in one clump!