Monthly Archives: December 2019

101 Projects: Plastic Mosaics

Plastic Mosaics.  Go to Italy.  Collect plastic trash.  Make giant mosaic of plastic consumer goods from reclaimed plastic trash. Rome Prize?  

101 projects: Belly of the Beast

You cant fight/write your way out of the belly of the beast with sharp language and strong leadership–it takes a cacophony: different voices speakin in tongues twisting round and bout clambering over the dominant paradigm of hierarchical economic system supported by neutered connections: it takes run on sentences: sprinter’s sentences, marathon sentences, relay races of […]

101 Projects: Gift Museum/Gift Gallery

The Gift Museum is a legacy, wealth distribution, and recycling program.  Its aim is to honor art and give it a safe and loving home.  The project will exhibit  art work by aging, downsizing, and deceased artists with the purpose of exposing quality art to individuals and organizations that can provide a good home for […]

101 Projects: Fragile Nation

Make a torn in half pate de verre US Flag.  Show tension. Destruction caused by  current political divide and economic peril.      

101 Projects: Shoot

Make a bunch of pate de verre shoes previously worn by individuals killed in gun violence.   Can be commemorative.  Can be illustrative.  Will be haunting. Must show the fragility of this situation School shootings? Police shootings? Antisemitic shootings? Mass shootings?  

101 projects (crying Dudes)

Crying Dudes: Get a bunch of dudes to walk down a busy urban street (one at a time) crying. Purpose: to subvert the patriarchy