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Back of the Shirt with storage for extra roles and responsiblities

House Wife

Two of four labels for the don’t label me shirt t-shirt.  I have since added a belly pouch to store the extra labels.

Artist at Work logo on the working artist sleve

              This is the logo for “Artists International local chapter 709point 2” stencil printed onto the street artist sleeve of the shirt/shirt project.  The inspiration is  to make one garment, like a uniform,  I can wear for my various activities and roles.

first time wearing shirt shixt in public

This is the first time I wore the shirt in public.  It has on the mom sleeve. No one looked at me any funnier than usual.  The wierd thing is it looks like I have become the portrait of me in the clothes of Juan Miro that an artist made of me over 20 years […]

Found Breakshoe

Found Heads

Totally amazing and now I believe in Santa Claus.  On our way to hike up the mountain, MLC (My little mid-life Crisis) found a cardboard box next to the copy-place. When she looked inside she found breakshoe eyebrow and gear head!  Reflector head is still missing and I think cat-head got taken away by whomever […]

Gene Anderson’s Post on KONO Project

Gene Anderson’s KONO Post

Ground Zero

I have spent the past two weeks frantically, pleasantly, awkwardly, elatedly painting a mural of a wall paper pattern I designed onto a utility box in Oakland Ca.  Tonight, as I was working on finishing it up, a car load of anarchists came to say how much they liked it.  I lent them duct tape […]